Dog Ownership Basics -How to Live with a Dog

The main theme of this site will be focused on the caring and well being of your dog, which will enable you to learn everything there is to know about your dog and how to raise it correctly. Since the very moment a dog is welcomed into a home, the “same rule” is established, the owner becomes both boss and father to the dog and its family, and therefore the dog will depend and respect its owner as such. Taking care of a dog is very much like as taking care of your own kids, it requires a lot of time, patience and a healthy amount of money. Before adopting a dog, the future owner must take in consideration which kind of dog would be the most suitable for the living conditions and surroundings in which he is found. You must also have in mind that a dog needs a lot of space to be able to feel free and satisfied. Likewise, having a good and healthy nutrition is also very important. And finally you must see to it that your dog gets the best treatment in order to be healthy and hygienic.On the other hand this site will also enable you to get to know the characteristics and nature of the dog itself. Although dogs have been trained and brought up by human beings, their characteristics are very similar to their ancestors, the wolf.

It is very important for you to be able to learn to distinguish the corporal language and audible signs that your dog makes, in order to understand him better. You must also know that the education of your dog, while he is still young of age, is of utmost importance, and for this reason I’ve dedicated a large text on the matter.

The Purchase of Your Dog The Coexistence with Your Dog Dogs food supply
Dogs and Cats? A Dog with a House and a Garden What a man gives his dog
Dogs & Babies: Recommendable? A Dog that lives outdoors Dogs and their diet
Lawful Matters with animals The Corner for dog food Home made dog meals
A Biting Scottish Dog The Dog and It’s Housing A Balanced Diet
Dog’s Expenses The Dogs Sleeping Place Rules Especially for Puppies
A dog at home Yuco and Grandmothers’ Bed A Sick Dog
A Dog and it’s Excrement Walking your dog Veterinarians as “Family Doctors”
A Dangerous Dog and its Behavior Where to walk your dog Visit to the Veterinarian
Purchasing a dog and their Equipment How to Walk Your Dog Contraceptive Injections Castration?
Why Buy a Dog from a Breeder? The Well Educated Dog Walker Hygiene in the Treating of Your Dog
What about Stray Dogs? Rules for Cold Days Important Interventions
A Male or Female Dog? Rules for Hot Days Administrative Medications
Does it Necessarily Have Pure Bred Dog Dogs and Children Agitation and Alteration of Behavior
The Big Issue: What Breed Shall it Be? The Characteristics of children Dog Dog Death and Old Age
Basic Dog Equipment How Tiny Learned How To Walk How Our Dog Pepper Died
The Dog Collar A dog as therapy for handicapped children Dog’s Nature and Sense of Smell
The Dog Leash Dog in a big city Dogs as Independent Beings
Car Accessories for dogs A Dog, the Best Medicine A Man-Dog Society
Basic Equipment for Your Dog The dog as a therapist Observations About Canine Sense of Smell
Dog Clothing Dogs and lifespan Dogs and their sense of taste
Vacations With Your Dog Cleanliness and Nutrition Dogs Sense of Touch
Previous paper work Cleanliness of dog ears and eyes Ways of conduct or behavior
Dogs on Trains and Planes Regular Dental Control Dogs’ Two Languages
On a Ship With Your Dog Cleaning the Nails and Paws The Dog’s Tail
Car Vacations with Your Dog Rear Cleaning The Man-Dog Language
On Long Journeys Dogs in heat The way dogs express themselves
Dog Training Some advice for you; dog owners Dog Ear Language
Dogs Nature A female dog becomes a mother Dog Tail Language
Dogs Education Pregnancy and conceiving Dog Hair Language
The evolutionary fazes in a puppy Encounters & fight between dogs How dogs know other by nose
Week 17-24: conscience of surroundings Avoiding a dog fight Communication by sense of smell
Training it’s bathroom habits Training Exercises territory marker in neighborhood
Teaching your dog to be alone “Quiet!” Playing with the dog
A Correct Education Commands “To your place” Playing as a way of social contact
“Tied up” Commands “Come here!” Training and fun sports
“Stand and Sit” Dog Commands “Let go!” Canine expositions
“Lie down” Dog Commands “No!” Different games, inside or outside
Canine Breed Index Dog Commands -In the car! Optional games to play inside
Dog Breeds   Other games with a companion

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