How is dog mating supervised? How to Supervise Dog Breeding?

Should I leave my female dog where the breeding male lives?
Is it normal? 
It’s better taking the female to the male dog than the opposite. The male owner will take proper care of your dog, and while she is there he’ll make sure that the mating takes place several times, increasing probabilities of success. Unfortunately, it is not possible to detect the ovulation periods of the female dog by a small increase of temperature, as in humans. A pap smear studied under a microscope may be of some help, but usually breeders do not look for this time of help from a veterinarian. They use to recognize the signs of the proestro beginning, and can calculate the possible time for ovulation, and the best day for mating. Therefore, it’s basic to determine, as accurate as possible, the beginning of the proestro, and so ten days later you can mate her.Much can be learnt when introducing the female dog to the male. They’ll start smelling each others genital zones. If the female is receptive, she will stand with the tail by her side, like inviting the male to mount on her. In case of the male dog, mounting is a long process. Initially, the male goes to the back legs of the female, catching with his front legs both sides of the female. The point of the penis grows due to a major affluence of blood, and when reaching the vagina, it is totally erected. At the same time, it is formed the so called “union”, a bone known as os penis, in the masculine organ, helps to keep its position in the vagina for three quarters of an hour. A female dog that is penetrated for the first time, will probably be uneasy, and will even try to get rid of the male, so it could be necessary to hold her by the front, carefully, to avoid any damage. Ejaculation continues with the semen produced by the male’s penis after secretions from the urethra glands, which will help to nurture and protect spermatozoids freed in the female reproduction region. Before the mating ends, the male will dismount and turn, so both heads are in complete opposition, while their bodies are still tied. At this point, additional secretions are freed from the prostrate gland, and then the union is finished. After a supervised mating, there is, usually, another the next day, and a last one on the fourteenth day, following the proestro phase, to improve possibilities of success. Breeding dogs should not be used too many times in one day, their fertility will decrease and they will probably, be tired after a union of 20 minutes.

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