How do I stop my dog from Eating his poop and feces.

I was surprised to see a dog eating his feces. Why does he do it? Such conducts, known as coprophagy, is common among some mammals, including dogs and chimpanzees. Many reasons have been suggested for this conduct in case of the dogs. It could be that the dog suffers a digestive problem, like a deficiency of some vitamins (B or K), usually produced by bacteria in the intestine. Eating his own feces, he gets those essential elements, that otherwise will go out of his body in great amounts.But this conduct seems to be an addiction, as is frequently found in dogs that have spent a lot of time in pounds, and without too much hygiene. It’s not strange to see a female dog eating her puppy’s feces, and how these also do the same since their early ages. If your dog suffers from bad absorption, part of the food will pass through the digestive zone without alteration, and will appear in the feces. These will attract dogs because it’s not digested food. In this case you will need the help of a veterinarian. However, in many cases there is no definitive explanation for coprophagy. Try to clean the feces quickly, so he will find no opportunity to eat them. You can also spread the feces with a bad taste substance, like some curry. Another treatment could be a drug used to control flies, which will infect feces giving them a bad taste. In the most serious cases, it could be necessary to give him apomorphine (that produces vomit) as soon as the dog has eaten his feces; in a short time the negative effects of the drug will arise, and the dog will feel bad during a couple of hours, associating this experience with his own feces. Obviously such a drastic measure should be consulted with your veterinarian. Some dogs feel no attraction for their own feces, but for those of cows and horses. The dog can eat the feces or (worse from the owner’s point of view) to get in them. While eating feces is due to the above mentioned reasons, to deliberately get dirty with them has probably a much different cause. There are two ways of thinking: one says that the strong odor of the herbivorous feces disguises the strong canine odor, and helps hunting dogs to hide in search for a potential prey; the other suggests the odor can help to reinforce the dog’s body odor. The last explanation seems more feasible in practice, because dogs that have take a bath recently tend to search for herbivorous feces to get dirty as soon as they go out for a walk. As taking a bath diminishes his normal canine odor, the dog can search to reinforce his social status, as his natural way of cleaning himself has been replaced. In any case, he will have to take another bath, and we must try to keep him apart from the sources of those feces. General Cleanliness for Dogs

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