Dog Medicines How to Administer it?

Basic Rules of Dog Medicine:In order to administer a dog medication we should not try to surprise it, since the animal will not be fooled twice. A way to do this is to hold the animal with a firm hand by the skin behind its neck. Another way to do this is to lift up the dog’s lip with its head tilted backward and pour the medicine. In either case, it is better if we find a way in which the animal likes it better, with sugar, in powder, drops, paste or pills. We always have to respect the measures that we administrate according to the dog’s weight, as well as the time that the treatment lasts. It is not convenient to make the dog swallow the medicine because it could fake it and spit it out later. It is always better to mix it with a little of its favorite food. If the dog salivates more than usual we should not be alarmed.

Dog Medicine Tablets: Place one hand on the upper jaw and press the lips against the teeth so that the dog opens its mouth. With the other hand we will stick the tablet or pill in the deep inside the base of the tongue. Then we will close the mouth and massage the throat gently. The tablets can also be put inside a piece of food or cheese. Don’t forget that we have to check that the dog has not kept the pill in its mouth.

Syrups and oral solutions: With the syringe: we will stretch the lower lip at one side of the mouth and then deposit the liquid in small amounts near the lip to prevent the dog from biting the syringe. Don’t tilt the dog’s head backward because the liquid could go into the respiratory ducts. In puppies it is better to use a product which comes in drops, since these can easily be mixed with foods.

The sugar ones: This type of presentation is the most useful for the tough dogs, since it can be administered with no problem. We can find anti parasite, contraceptive, digestive among other products. These products do not contain sugar and are not bad for the dog at all.

Feeding the medicine the the dog: The first hygienic norm for the dog is feeding. A dog that has a balanced diet is a healthy dog. Nutrition is a fundamental aspect that directly influences health and the dog’s physical balance. Therefore it is important to know the feeding guidelines and the way of using the different complementary products, like for example vitamins. The Dog’s Nutrition

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