German Dogo Dog Breed Information

The German Dogo is a giant dog with a large face. Qualified by its breeders as the “Apollo of dogs“.

Height, weight: minimum height in males is 80 m; minimum weight is from 46 to 54 kg, generally 85 kg and more. Well proportioned body. Impressive aspect because of it’s size and head.

Fur, color: short, dense, straight and brilliant. Five chromatic classes: white, tiger stripes, black and white spots, and black and blue.
Appropriate for: understanding people with a lot of space.

Not Appropriate for: beginners and people with rooms full of furniture.

As a member of the family: adorable, not noisy. Easygoing and sensitive, a friend of children. Used in the middle ages as a “bull fighter” and hunting dog. Although it has always been a famed dog, you shouldn’t get it only for prestige reasons. Large food intake.

Common sicknesses: stomach torsion for eating too fast and furious; heart valve failure.

Life expectancy: up to 10 years.

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