German Shepherd Dog Breed Information

The German Shepherd Breed is one of the most appreciated and well known of the canine breeds. Discuss with otherGerman Shepherdowners.

Height, weight: up to 65 cm high; weighs from 30 to 43 kg. Females and males must be perfectly well distinguished.

Fur, color: dense, compact, with a good amount of under hair, and thick hair in its tail. Black with regular marks of brown, yellow, light-gray or pure black.

Appropriate for: those who look for an intelligent dog and who dispose of enough time to train it. For people who need a good watch dog.

Not Appropriate for: elderly, delicate, or not very energetic people. Or those with a small housing.

As a member of the family: it likes the close contact with its family. It may bark a lot.

Breed’s character: intelligent, very submissive. Needs a good training. Valiant, but also has a sensitive temperament. Originally used as a ranch dog. From the foundation (1899), the German Sheppard Dog Association (SV), it was said to perform multiple functions, such as (rescuing, guidance for blind people, vigilant services for police quarters, and a companion).

Common sicknesses: hip disorders. Neurosis, excessive anguish.
Life expectancy: up to 14 years.

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