Dog Rights – Animal Right Law

Dog Rights are clear, and the relationships between owners and dogs have evolved greatly; now they are qualitative as well as quantitative. Dogs are treated better now than they used to and their possession has extended to all the social classes. Today there are numerous associations and foundations that look after the respect of these animals.

Universal Declaration of the Animal Right Law

  • Animal Dog Right 1
    All animals are born the same before life and have the same rights of existence.
  • Animal Dog Right 2
    Every animal has the right to be respected.
  • The human cannot have the right of killing other animals or exploiting them, violating this right. He has the obligation of placing his knowledge at the animal’s service.
    All animals have the right to the attention, care and protection by humans.
  • Animal Dog Right 3
    No animal should be submitted to acts of cruelty.
    If the death of an animal is necessary, it must be instant, painless and will not present anxiety for the victim.
  • Animal Dog Right 4
    Every animal that belongs to a wild species has the right to live freely in its own natural habitat and can reproduce freely as well.
  • Animal Dog Right 5
    Every animal that belongs to a species that has traditionally lived in the human’s environment has the right to live and grow at its own rhythm and in the conditions of life and freedom that belong to its species.
  • Any modification of such rhythm or conditions imposed by the man with mercantile ends is contrary of this right.
  • Animal Dog Right 6
    Any animal that has chosen the man as its partner has the right that the duration of its life is according to its natural life span.
  • The abandonment of an animal is a cruel and degrading act.
  • Animal Dog Right 7
    All working animals have the right or a reasonable limitation of time and work intensity, and a nourishing alimentation and rest.
  • Animal Dog Right 8
    The experimentation with animals that implies the physical or psychological suffering is incompatible with the animal rights, even if we deal with medical experiments, scientific, commercial, etc.
  • Animal Dog Right 9
    When an animal is raised for alimentation it must be nourished, installed, transported and sacrificed. The motive must not be anxiety or pain.
  • Animal Dog Right 10
    No animal must be exploited for the spreading of the human. Animal exhibitions and spectacles are not compatible with the dignity of the animal.
  • Animal Dog Right 11
    Every act that implies the death of an animal without necessity is biocide, a crime against life.
  • Animal Dog Right 12
    Every act that implies the death of a large number of wild animals is genocide, a crime against the species.
  • The contamination and destruction of a natural habitat lead us to genocide.
  • Animal Dog Right 13
    A dead animal must be treated with respect.
    The scenes of violence in which animals are the victims should be prohibited in theaters and television, except those that are made to show the violations of the animal’s rights.
  • Animal Dog Right 14
    The protection organisms and safe guarding of the animals should be represented at a governmental level. The rights of the animal must be defended by the law, just like the human rights.

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