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As there are so many different makes, models, styles and types of dog runs, kennels and enclosures for sale it sometimes becomes very confusing and mind boggling trying to figure out just what it is exactly that you need. So I have come up with a sort of checklist that I use when searching for dog runs for sale.

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By going over the checklist that I have created over the years of many different experiences with many different types of dog runs I am able to get what it is that I need every time.

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The basic things that a dog run must have are more or less the same from brand to brand and even from metal type to metal type.

Of course the most important things that any kennel needs are durability, sturdiness, flexibility and safety and if you can find a kennel that has all of these things then that is probably the ideal kennel for your dog. Always keep in mind that since you will be keeping your dog run outside you need to ensure that the run you purchase is protected against rust, especially if you live somewhere it rains a lot. Dog runs that have been protected against rust are much easier to clean, since all you have to do is wash it down with a scrubber and hose.

The ease or difficulty involved in keeping your dog’s run clean is an important factor when having your dog outdoors as there are many canine parasites both internal and external and it is your responsibility as your dog’s owner to keep it happy and healthy. This is why you should remove your dog’s house from the when cleaning, so that you can clean the entire inside of the run and the dog house as well.

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