Dog run fencing

When it comes to dog run fencing there are two different types of fencing that deserve to be mentioned here. The first is the heavy-duty steel uni-body one-fourth inch chain link wire mesh that is perfect for smaller dogs or for dogs that pose a bite threat to anyone who might try and put their hand into the dog run through a larger hole.

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The ¼ inch chain link wire-mesh is sturdy and when made of galvanized steel will last for a long time.

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The other noteworthy perimeter fencing system is the 8 gauge heavy-duty steel 2″ x 4″ welded wire mesh that not only looks good but also is able to withstand the most rigorous use. This second fencing system is not the best for smaller dogs as they can sometimes get their little heads stuck in the fencing spaces but for larger dogs this dog run fence is perfect.

Since dog run fencing is strongest when made from steel, but this material is very sensitive to the elements, it is always vital that all the steel parts of the dog run be galvanized. When steel is galvanized it is coated with a protective covering so that it becomes rust resistant.

Any well made dog run in order to offer maximum safety and security to your dog will use only steel fittings, connectors and wire ties, never aluminum as it is too soft.

In order to keep your dog run as clean as possible it is a good idea to get fences have 1″ extended base legs as when the base of the fence is up off of the ground it prevents insects, parasites or germs from making their homes there.

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