Dog Reproduction & Organs

If what you want is to make a fortune, don’t dedicate yourself to breeding dogs and dog reproduction. The real breeders that sell the puppies that are born in their property have still not made a fortune. Taking care of a reproducing female demands a lot of attention and the legislation of the mounting is very precise: we will remind you that in these pages. Therefore, this book does not have as an objective that the breeding of dogs is profitable, but its objective is to help us with the dog’s problems of reproduction. It is precise to know that due to the domestication of this animal, the female’s behavior has been greatly modified, especially with giving birth and in her relationship with the puppies. Sometimes we are unfair female dogs that are not maternal, but this is not fair: we should also have in mind the intervention of the owner in this process from the past generations. The domestication made some instinctive behaviors disappear; behaviors that helped the puppy survive in difficult conditions. The typical example is the rejection of food by the mother in order to feed her puppies after weaning: when the puppies find the food in the mother’s mouth, it is not necessary for the puppies to regurgitate it. It is precise, therefore, not to interfere too much with the female’s reproductive instincts, but we must make the process easier. The owner must help the female, but not make her dependable. It is also very important to know the limitations and to know when it is necessary to call the veterinarian in order to resolve a medical problem. The anatomic and physiological knowledge can resolve a medical problem. Having said knowledge, it is therefore essential to anticipate pathological situations. This book presents indispensable ideas for all the owners that wish their dog to have puppies. Several indications about the canine maternity are given with theoretic information, but also through veterinarian testimonials, breeders and owners. This will allow you to live that unique moment.

Dog Genitalia: We will go through the anatomy of the reproductive organs in order to understand the female’s reproduction. These organs can be the center of malformations that are also good to know, since these anatomic anomalies sometimes explain the reproductive problems.

The female reproductive organs: The female’s reproductive organs are located inside the abdomen. Starting from the out structures, her genital organs are constituted by the vulva, the vestibule and then the vagina; the urinary orifice is located at the base of the vagina, leading to the bladder. The urine is evacuated through the vestibule: therefore, any urinary infection can have an effect on the female’s reproductive system. The uterus is located in the prolongation of the vagina; in it we can distinguish the neck, body and the 2 uterine tubes at the left and right, the ovaries are located at the ends of these tubes.

The male reproductive organs: The scrotum is the skin that wraps the bags that contain the testicles. Near the testicles superior border is the elongated organ, the epididymis and the blood vessel. The genital organs are also constituted by the prostate, located behind the bladder, the penis, which is covered by skin.

Malformation of the genital organs: Some anomalies are not important: they provoke problems with reproduction, but out of that period the dog can live a normal life. On the other hand, some malformations cause frequent infections that can cause serious problems.

Not male, nor female: Scientifically, we talk about hermaphrodism. Hermaphrodism is the presence of both male and female organs in the same animal. This anomaly is rare in dogs and it presents distinct manifestations. This malformation can be manifested by the presence of an ovary on one side and a testicle on the other, or by the presence of a sexual gland on the side that is both male and female, called an ovotestis. The animal can also have normal genital organs, but they might be opposite, testicles and vulva.

Other dog birth malformations: Other anomalies like malformations of the penis’s cover can cause infections. We will not go through all of these because most of them require the diagnostic of a veterinarian or a surgical procedure. By general rule, if a puppy, male of female has difficulties urinating, presents frequent evacuations or infections, you must visit the veterinarian.

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