Dog Hiding Bone. Saving Food. Sleeping during Day

Where is my Dog Bone? Some dogs seem to know exactly where they buried their bones, however, believe it or not, there are some that seem to forget. Usually a dogs strong sense of smell allows him to find his bone, that is unless it has been buried too deep. Granted that finding your garden full of holes is not a fun experience, but to the dog it is a response to an urgent need to dig up his belongings every once in awhile. The best solution to this type of problem is to train the dog to only dig and bury his belongings in one specific place. Some dogs just need to dig and will actually become frustrated if notallowed to.

Dog Saving & Hiding food for Later: In nature there is not always enough food. On occasions however, there may be a big supply all of a sudden and the remains need to be kept in a safe place so that the dog can go back to it in a scarce moment. Because of this taking the leftover food and burying it makes perfect sense in the dog world where food is not always available. This food can then be unburied and eaten later when needed. Dogs have a powerful digestive system that enables them to eat meat that has been left buried. Their stomachs have powerful enzymes that enable them to eat this type of food without it affecting them. Burying and saving food for later is something hunting dogs and feral dogs do more than any other breed.

Dog Taking Nap “Nap time”: Dogs love getting into a comfortable position to sleep and they will look for a safe quiet place with the adequate temperature. Dogs actually spend a good part of their days sleeping, especially when they start getting older, however, they don’t necessarily sleep all night as we would generally hope or expect from them in our homes. It is very important to provide puppies and younger dogs something to do when they get up from sleeping in the middle of the night, as this will avoid them from waking everybody in the house.

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