Doberman Pinscher Dog Breed Information

Bred specifically as a guard and attack dog the Doberman Pinscher was considered the dog of choice in the Forties and Fifties. Since then the Doberman has suffered a lot from a negative public impression of and understanding of its ferocity and aggressiveness. As a result in recent years the Doberman has been bred in a manner that has helped to calm it more notorious “killer” instincts. Well disposed totrainingthisbreedis normally “vicious” only if trained to be so by irresponsible owners. The Doberman has been known to be so loyal that it has on numerous occasions sacrificed itsown life to protect that of its masters. It is considered one of the best breeds for training in police work because of its instinct to protect and defend they also make for great guard or attack dogs. The male must be kept under control with a firm hand at all times and if not well trained can be dangerous.

Exercise: Full of energy this breed needs a minimum of at least half an hour everyday of vigorous exercise.

Specialized care: The Doberman doesn’t need much specialized care but it is normal to dock the tail while it is a puppy. In some countries is it customary to cut the ears but it is illegal in others. Sensitive to climate changes this breed must be kept warm and dry if you want it to stay healthy.

Minimum height:

  • Males:67 to 72 centimeters and 40 to 45 kilos
  • Females:63 to 68 centimeters and 32 to 35 kilos

Appropriate for: Does not do well living on living room floors nor does it do well with older people or lazy people. Anyone who wants to own a Doberman must be ready to put forth the time and energy necessary to properly train and control this intelligent and confrontational animal.

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