Dalmatian Dog Breed Information

The Dalmatian is a breed was intended for use as a “carriage dog” and as such would run besides their master’s carriages to protect them and the horses pulling the carriages. Largely due to the Dalmatian’s leading roles in recent movies and cartoons this breed has become widely popular. With a sweet disposition especially towards children this loyal dog doesn’t handle being solitary very well and does best in homes where there are always people or other dogs around to interact with. Though the male has a tendency to fight with other dogs this can be mostly overcome with training and good control.

Exercise: The Dalmatian needs good daily exercise and does best if you have a large yard. Will be happy sleeping on the floor or on a bed.

Specialized care: ,Needs a regular brushing and bathing to keep its coat clean, shiny and to get rid of dead hairs. Has a tendency to become overweight.

Minimum height:

  • Males:58 to 60 centimeters
  • Females:56 to 58 centimeters

Appropriate for: Is in no way a calm quiet breed and therefore doesn’t do well with senior citizens or lazy people. Loves to be loved and is ideal for lively families with children. Dalmatians do best if they live in a house with a large yard. Should not be made to live alone as it suffers when it doesn’t have other animals or people to play with and interact with. Does well with other domestic animals especially horses.

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