Characteristic of Dalmatian Dog Breed. Dalmatian puppy dog breed & Race Information

The history and origin of the Dalmatian Dog breed is unknown. In spite of being thought to come from Dalmatia, Yugoslavia, this idea being accepted by the FCI, there is no track of it in this region. But there is in Greece and the East. English children call them “plum-pudding-dogs“, because of their spots.

Character of the Dalmatian Dog: Dalmatians are active, faithful, energetic and fun. As a consequence of their history, they enjoy horses and jockeys companion. They need regular exercise and are intelligent, docile and loving.

Characteristics of the Dalmatian Dog Breed

  • Size: The male is 56-61 cm, while the female is: 50-58 cm long.
  • Weight: 22-25 kg
  • Color: White with well defined black or liver spots all around the body. The nose and the muzzle are the same color as the spots.
  • Hair: Thick, short and shiny.

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