Dog Broken Leg, Tail or Dog Broken Hip Bone

In the case of fractured and broken legs, tail or any bones it is very important that the puppy be kept still and calm and that no attempt to move it be made until the broken bone has been place in a splint or immobilized in some other way. If the puppy has been hit by a moving vehicle and you are not sure whether or not hit has suffered any damage to its spine, you should place something hard and rigid, like a table or board, under it before attempting to move it. If you do need to move the puppy and have place something hard under it make sure that all of the puppy is on the board and that no part of it is hanging off. Never use anything flexible, like a sheet or towel to move a puppy that has suffered damage to its backbone (or is suspected to have suffered damage). If for the safety of the puppy you absolutely must move it (such as if it lying in the highway) and you have nothing else available besides some material then carefully introduce the cloth under the puppy’s body and pull italong the ground from the end where the puppy’s head is. Never attempt to pull the puppy along the ground from the side and do not try and lift the puppy on the flexible material or you could worsen the injury. Until you get the puppy to the veterinarian or emergency clinic try to keep its body temperature normal and steady. If you need to cover it to keep it warm be careful that it doesn’t over heat as this can also cause further complications. Never attempt to self medicate the puppy or fail to have it completely checked up after suffering an accident or injury. There are many problems or potential problems that can only be diagnosed by a professional using the proper equipment. If you have a question always consult with your veterinarian.

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