Bull Terrier Dog Breed Information

Is a muscular dog with an oval shaped face and undesirable features.

Height, weight: 54 cm high; weighs around 23 to 28 kg. It mustn’t be overweight, but very muscular.

Fur, color:short, straight and shiny, more like stiff. Pure white, with a spot on its head (monocle); striped with a reddish-yellowish or a tricolor.

Appropriate for: people who know how to treat dogs, with plenty of space and a person that disposes plenty of time. Not Appropriate for: people with a sense of “bourgeois for the beauty of nature”.bull terrier

As a member of the family: a good protector and guardian. One more member of the family, because of its love for its owner. Likes to play with children.

Breed’s character: firm, to the point of being stubborn, but is controllable with a “firm hand” and is unconditionally devoted to its owner. Is not stupid or cowardly, is a very good fighter when it feels it being attacked. Does not feel much pain. It was originally trained to fight against bulls and its akin. It’s clearly distinguished for its firmness, quickness and bravery.

Common sicknesses: sensitive to the heat and humidity (affects the kidneys). Tendency to becoming deaf (in the white Bull Terriers). Congenital deforming in the valves around the heart.

Life expectancy: up to 14 years.

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