Canary Dogo Dog Breed Information

In the early days, the Canary Dogo was known to be a fighting dog, now a days it’s a guardian and defender.

Height, weight: from 55 to 64 cm. From 38 to 50 kg

Fur, color: rustic looking short and straight hair. The color may be striped and there are also black ones, which are less appreciated.

Appropriate for: people with experience and time. Also for families willing to consequently educate it.canary dogo
Not Appropriate for: inexperienced people that like to walk their dog in the park with others.

As a member of the family: protective guardian. Isn’t dominated by other dogs and is extremely potent, and therefore it isn’t advisable to leave it in the hands of children or older people. With a correct upbringing it will be another member of the family.

Breed’s character: a very strong dog, with a severe look and appropriate for guarding and the defense of people and property.

Common sicknesses: not known

Life expectancy: up to 12 years.

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