Boxer Dog Breed Information. Boxer Puppy

The boxer dog is a more esthetic version of the Bullenbeisser (bull biter) and with a better character. The dog is brought about by mixing these with the English Bulldog. The modern boxer was presented for the first time in a canine exposition in Munich 1895, with their current harmonious look and was considered a working dog in 1925. They are elegant and well proportioned, which is also good and cheerful. In Germany – their original place of birth – they are very popular dogs the same as the German Shepherd. They are hard workers but can’t take extreme cold or heat.

There is a legend that God decided to make different dogs out of clay. While molding the Boxer He decided that they would be the most beautiful dog. When he heard it the Boxer was so impatient he went running and crashed into the mirror, since they clay wasn’t dry yet its very characterized snout stayed flat and square.

Character of the Boxer: It is said they’ll give their life for who they love. They are lively and sociable, which like to exercise, outdoors and freedom. They are very affectionate and friendly and a good companion for children. They have an amazing appetite and can gain weight easily, which is why their diet must be kept strictly. Their extraordinary energy must be channeled into obedience exercises.

Information on the Boxer

  • Size: males are 57 to 63 cm; females 53 to 59 cm
  • Weight: 25 to 30
  • Color: striped with or without white spots. The white spots mustn’t cover more than one third of the coat.
  • Coat: short and straight; close to the body. Dark face mask

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