Basic Dog Grooming Techniques

The fundamental technique to master in basic dog grooming is first dog hair untangling. That’s really the first thing you need to do before grooming your dog is get your dog’s coat ready by untangling it’s hair first, obviously if your dog does not have tangled hair the whole procedure will be a lot simpler. Untangling your dog’s hair is a very important thing to do because leaving them unattended can actually cause big problems to your dog’s coat and hurt him. Knots and mats should be taken care of before bathing the dog. If you don’t previously take care of them, they will tighten with the effects of the water and the result will be disastrous. If this occurs, the only solution will be toshave (with an electric trimmer) or cut it off.Start out by brushing your dog with a hard comb with quick movements, but not strong ones so as to not hurt the dog. The quickness in the movement of your hand is fundamental though. If you have ever observed a professional dog groomer brushing a dog you will probably have noticed how quickly he or she brushes, but the fact is that the pins of the brush or comb don’t actually touch the dog’s skin. In other words it is effective without being dangerous.

If the comb does not work well on the dog use a de matting comb by brushing the dog’s coat by parts and make sure to grab hold of the base so that it does not hurt the dog. This may take a long time but the results are worthwhile. As soon as the dog’s hair is untangled, use the comb. Next use a smaller comb to make sure there are not knots or mats left. Make sure to be very careful with the dog’s skin.

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