Dog Training Barking Collars, Citronella Dog Collars nobark, no bark

The premier gentle spray citronella anti bark dog collars are the “nicest” way to stop you dog from barking. As OPPOSED to other brand or technologies, the citronella spray really does not hurt the dog. Here is the difference in operation better citronella and electronic training dog collars or so called barking dog collars.Dog Training Barking Collars, Bark Citronella Nobark Dog Collars.

The electric or electronic anti nobark dog collar electrically shocks the dog upon second after his barking starts. The actually aim at hurting the dog so it stops barking. It usually works until the dog, mostly larger dogs, or one with thicker fur coats get use to the shock and do not respond to the electric signal anymore.These same dog collars are also used to training dogs. The electric signal is sent when the dog does not do what it is instructed. It also work but the dog will greatly suffer during this training. Image yourself with such an electronic collar around your neck.

The Premier Gentle Spray citronella antibark collar uses and non armful Citron Spray. When the dog barks or does not follow instructions, a sample spray bottle placed under the pet’s neck sprays away a small cloud of citronella which effectively distracts the dog without hurting it. This spray “DISTRACTS” the dogs… See here for complete details on these new amazing dog training collars that with stop useless dog barking without making you look like a cruel dog owner with a cow probe type electric collar. By the way, the Citronella Dog Collar is actually more effective that standard training collars.

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