Argentinean Dogo Dog Breed Information

A modern Argentine breed, the Argentinean Dogo was selected exclusively for hunting.

Height, weight: from 60 to 65 cm. From 40 to 45 kg.

Fur, color: short straight and completely white hair.

Appropriate for: experienced owners.

Not Appropriate for: argentine dogo Dog Breed Informationbeginners with a small house.
As a member of the family: is easygoing and not much of a barker at home. A well educated Argentinean Mastiff will be a good dog with all members of the family. You have to take in account it’s dominating character in relationships with other dogs, and also it’s taste for hunting, when walking through the country and it may encounter farm animals.

Breed’s character: a powerful and muscular dog, it can be easily trained but doesn’t accept tyranny. It’s toughness and bravery make it an excellent guard dog.

Common sicknesses: deafness.

Life expectancy: up to 12 years.

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