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no bark Dog Collars like the citronella Bark Collar discourages your dog from barking loudly for long periods of time. The citronella Bark Collar’s training action – a spray of citronella – is activated by the noise of your dog’s barking. Your dog will quickly learn that barking triggers the the citronella Bark Collar to emit a spray, and that not barking is the way to avoid it.

Train humanely and gently:

Correct with natural, non-toxic, harmless citronella spray:
Lemony spray bothers dogs, yet is pleasant to humans
Endorsed by leading Veterinarians, animal behaviorists and trainers

BUY an Anti Barking Dog Collar

Convenient and easy-to-use:Anti Barking Dog Collar

Use indoors or out
6-volt lithium battery
Weather-proof-withstand rain and snow

Each citronella Bark Collar Kit includes:

Gentle Spray citronella Anti-Bark Unit
Adjustable Nylon Collar
citronella Spray Refill INCLUDED
Two 6-volt batteries INCLUDED
Complete Instructions
One Year Warranty

Citronella Anti Barking Spare Supply


7 Days for Delivery to USA

Features & benefits

Scientifically proven humane, painless and effective
Twice effective as chock collars
No side effects
The only Anti-barking collar recommended by leading animal experts
Good for dogs of all sizes
Available in odour or odorless Spray
User friendly
Satisfaction guarantied

How does it work? Every time your dog barks, the electronic bark-sensing unit releases a painless spray of citronella in front of the dog’s snout. Your dog hears it, sees it, feels it, and smells it!no-bark

At the first spray of citronella, your dog’s natural curiosity will be to seek the origin of the new odour. The dog will very quickly learn that when he or she barks, GentleSpray Sprays! Through this harmless conditioned reflex, GentleSpray discourages your dog from barking. In a few days, the dog learns to keep quiet while wearing the collar and concentrate on more normal activities. No more trouble with the neighbors!

GentleSpray, a self-sufficient product, requires no human intervention; it will work even if you are not there. Should you want to reverse the effects of GentleSpray, just stop using the device. Ultimately, the animal can be trained to cease barking without having to wear the device. GentleSpray is the only humane solution to the problem of nuisance Inc. (Ohio, USA)
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