Air Conditioned Dog House

Living in a moderate climate, one does not need to worry about having an air conditioned dog house but anyone living in tropical or arid conditions should definitely consider it. Dogs while hardy suffer terribly in hot humid conditions. Dry heat is of course also difficult for them depending on the temperature. But dry heat is a little easier for a dog to deal with than humid heat. An air conditioned dog house can make all the difference in the world for a dog living in a wet hot climate.

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I am sure that people generally don’t intentionally make their dogs suffer but what I do think is that too few people realize is that any dog house without air conditioning is just not good enough. Lets face it, everyone who can afford it, and even those who can’t, put air conditioning in their houses. In fact, almost everyone I know who lives in a hot humid environment considers it a necessity to have air conditioning throughout their whole house. Of course I also know people who just have their bedrooms air conditioned but would not consider living without at least that. So why wouldn’t it also be vitally essential for your dog to have an air conditioned dog house. If for some reason getting your dog’s house air conditioned is not an option for you or you just can’t do it for financial reasons then you really should consider bringing your dog into the house or finding a better living situation for your dog. If you really love your dog you will do whatever is necessary for your dogs happiness and I mean whatever.

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