Afghan Hound Dog Breed Information

An Afghan Hound is also an oriental Lebrel, very attractive: is a dog to admire and contemplate it.

Height, weight: around 70 cm high; weighs up to 30 kg.

Fur, color: silky long haired. All different kinds of colors.

Appropriate for: people fond of sports with a lot of intuition and for people who see the need to race a lot.

Not Appropriate for: people that are not willing to give it the amount of time and attention it needs, in the sense of cleanliness, and for the people who are lazy and don’t like to move around.Afghan galgous

As a member of the family: it needs, throughout its entire life, a steadfast person to look up to. It obeys out of love and it feels equal to man. Is manageable and vigilant in the house and in the yard. In certain occasions, will seem to be indifferent. Is not easy taking a hold of it, for it runs very fast.

Breed’s character: it’s seducing by its dignity, calmness and pleasantness. Originally, has a tendency to the comfort way of life. Has a great love for its own, and is reserved with strangers. In the legend of Noah’s ark, it mentions this breed, which gives you an idea of how long ago this breed came to be. It used to be a hunting and sheepdog, originated of Afghanistan.

Common sicknesses: in hardly ever gets sick.

Life expectancy: up to 10 years.

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