Good and Correct Dog Grooming Technique

Usually untangling a dog’s body hair is not a problem such as in the dorsal area; it’s sides, and rear. However, the correct dog grooming method requires you to be very careful with certain areas that are more sensitive and harder to get to. The skin on the top part of the dog’s head is more sensitive and it gets irritated very easily. The best way is to do this in parts, separating the dog’s external hair so you can get through and get rid of the mats that are closer to the skin. The best results are obtained by using a de matting comb. To be able to get to the knots that are behind the dog’s ears, which cansometimes be quite thick, you will need to lift the dog’s ears with your hand.To effectively brush your dog’s stomach you will need to grab ahold of the dog’s front legs with one hand; this way the dog will lean on his hind legs. Then use your other hand to brush him.

The top part of the dog’s legs, thighs, and shoulders is not too problematic. You can brush these areas in any direction (not too hard though). To do the bottom parts of the paws you will need to grab them and keep them extended by brushing them quickly against the hair. Do the same behind the dog’s paw. Brush the dog’s tail by holding it firmly by the base, and brush it by using a comb or brush. The amount of time that you will spend doing this type of grooming on your dog will depend on the breed you have, the amount of hair he has, and on how cooperative the dog is.

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