Why Energetic Dogs chase their tails & Dogs chase children.

If an energetic dog is not given enough opportunity to run about, exercise and chase after things, he will find another way of letting out his energy by running after anything he sees passing by quickly. Descendants of sheep dogs tend to have more energy than their owners imagine. These dogs are always stimulated and waiting for the moment to enter into action. This type of behavior can often times cause the dog to get into things that are unacceptable. The obvious and easiest answer to this problem is to stimulate and give the dog enough space and play a lot of stimulating chasing games to keep him satisfied and away from the things you don’t want him getting into. Our dog’s ancestors, the wolves, used to run long distances searching for flock they could hunt. Human beings have selectively bred dogs so that they could work for them in jobs like taking care of their flock, and this kind of work required a lot of energy from the dog. As a consequence of this, most of the dogs we have in actuality as pets are descendants of animals that were able to be active all day, even though now a days we want our animals to stay in one place most of the time.

Why do dog chase their tails

The true reason why do dog chase their tails is that Dogs that are not properly stimulated and that do not have anything to chase after in their habitual environment can sometimes turn to chasing at their own tails. This type of behavior can actually turn into an obsession to the point where they forget about everything and everyone else while going around in circles like crazy maniacs. Sometimes they manage to catch their tails and bite themselves so hard that they actually bleed; the important thing to look into though is the chasing of the tail. Some dog owner’s cut their dogs tail in hopes of ending with this problem, but the dog still continues to chase at it. If your dog has this problem, he is probably not getting sufficiently stimulated and needs to be provided with more toys so he can play with and be allowed to run about etc.

Dogs chasing children

Dogs really enjoy chasing after children because of the way children run about laughing, jumping and yelling which are all things that stimulate the dog and make him excited. Although this type of play is very stimulating to a dog, it is something that needs to be controlled. If this type of activity gets out of control, it can be very dangerous. Not only this, but a dog that gets into the habit of chasing the kids in the house, will also do it to children outside in the park or kids playing on the street etc and the results can be disastrous. If you are concerned about it, tell your children to play other types of games with the dog (such as with toys etc) to avoid any problems from happening.

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