English Bulldog puppy dog Breed & Race Information

In 1630 these English dogs were known as simply the “Bulldog”, although before they were called “Bandogge” (or “butchers dogo”) they are from the same descendants of the Mastiff. In the past they fought against bulls, especially during the time of Elizabeth I in England. Dog/bull fights were abolished in 1835 and in 1864 some breeders salvaged the breed from extinction. They have a round body with a muscular and strong chest. Their back is somewhat thinner, which is why their legs are placed distinctively, with a short and rigid sway. But the Bulldog’s characteristic is their flat snout, jutting jaw and its huge and compact head.

Due to its flat snout, they sometimes suffer from being out of breath and may have breathing problems.

Character of the English Bulldog: Their grumpy appearance hides a very homey and affectionate dog, adapted to home living. They are very attached to their owners and love being with children. Due to its physical structure they don’t enjoy excessive exercise, stress or heat. They must exercise daily but moderately.

Characteristics of the English Bulldog

  • Size: 30 to 40 cm
  • Weight: 23 to 25 kg
  • Color: tan, white or a color mixture (white with tan spots), with or without a face mask. The snout is always black.
  • Coat: short, tight and straight.

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