When is a Dog and Adult

In toy, small and medium-sized breeds, this particular stage starts after the short period of transition that coincides with the presentation of the first heat; however, that is not the case with big or giant breeds, which are still considered teenagers after the first and second heats. In any case, the adult dog will normally behave more civilized and making good use of her good manners which have been previously taught to her. Dogs do not go through menopause which means that, unless their uterus or ovaries have been extracted, she will keep on having her heat cycles in more or less regular intervals. It is important that the owner writes down the exact date when the heat cycles start and end (and even today’s in which she is especially ready to accept the male), which will be very useful in order to calculate the following heat cycles, especially when you notice that your dog cycles regularly.

It is equally important that you, as the owner, know the normal weight limits for the particular breed, and that you regularly control your dogs weight, avoiding any excess; an obese dog is always more prone to getting diseases than if she remains at her normal level. It is also can be and do regularly check the breasts, vulva, quality of hair and a there are any kind of lumps on the body or breast in order to anticipate any future problem. Later on I will delve into one of the main health problems that affect female dogs, along with the symptoms, which will enable you to know what to do when your dog is diagnosed with such disease. One of the habitual symptoms that something is not going good is the excessive and unnecessary intake of water (obviously in hot seasons is normal that your dog wants to drink lots of water). The owner that goes through the trouble of observing his dog regularly is the one who will undoubtedly be able to more easily recognize when something goes wrong and consequently do something about it.

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