Dog Breeding Beginner Information

Man have been breeding dogs for years and getting information on how to better and purify breeds ever since. History books advice us that the beginning of the association between wolves and humans began thousands of years ago, when they both collaborated on the hunting of bigger preys with which they satisfied their hunger. Later, the descendants of wolves and jackals ended up becoming part of the life of the primitive man, sharing the task of looking out for, shepherding and leading the flock and, finally, becoming faithful and indispensable partners. We now know that the first trace of the presence of dog kennels and domesticated dogs in man’s day-to-day life goes back; the rest of a fossilized jaw, with part of its denture, appeared buried very close to the rest of a group of primitive men in a cave which served as a shelter in what used to be Mesopotamia. This confirms that in those times the dog was used as a guard and valued as a partner.

covered outdoor dog run

But there is still another even more revealing piece of information that shows how important dogs were in the lives of our ancestors. A couple of years ago, somebody found some remains buried about 1/2 thousand years ago! The corpse, entombed according to the time in an almost fetal position, was surrounded by the corpses of four big dogs, each one placed in an imaginary corner as if they were the four cardinal points. This gives way to the idea that the reason they were placed that way was to guard and custody the unfortunate little girl in her journey towards the unknown. Proof that man and dog have shared their lives and chores since the beginning of ages exists in lots of places. There is evidence that thousands of years ago man had selected two different breeds that are distinguished by their size and morphology, which makes it clear that man has been raising different kinds of dogs according to what he needed for hunting, shepherding, defending, playing with children or, even, serving as food in difficult times.

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