Types of Dog Coats: Long, Curly, short thick coats

Dogs with this type of hair have shorter under coats which are moderately abundant and also shorter outer coats which are straight, abundant, and smooth, stiff and the length of this hair is even all around the dog’s body. The types of dogs that have this type of coat are pinschers, pointers, and boxers. Obviously this type of hair does not tangle, but when it sheds, the dead hair stays stuck on the couches, carpets etc and it is difficult to get rid of even when it is done with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Some people have had good results by using lint removers.

Dogs with long hair: This type of hair is longer and denser behind the dog’s ears, armpits, and behind the thighs and tail. The outer coat is somewhat long, smooth and shiny. The types of dogs with this type of hair are collies, Samoyedos, and some Spitz’s. These types of breeds have problems with knots on their under coats as well as behind their ears, armpits, behind their thighs and tails, however, their hair is not likely to become tangled if it is taken care of correctly. These dogs shed two times a year.

Dogs with curly hair: Dogs with this type of hair have little or no undercoats and the outer coats consist of curls that constantly grow. This type of hair needs to get shaves or cut with scissors. Dogs with this type of hair are poodles, Bichon Frise’s, Irish water spaniels, and curly coated retrievers.
These types of coat consist of fine hair the wrap around the straight smooth hair and together it forms into a tight tangled rope.

Dogs with short thick coats: This type of hair is constituted of a wooly, abundant and dense undercoat and the outer coat is short, smooth and soft. The dogs with this type of coat are German shepherds, Labradors, Huskies etc. This type of coat does not get tangled in spite of the fact that these dogs‘s hair is thicker around the chest area as well as in their thighs and tails. These types of dogs shed two times a year.

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