Shih tzu Grooming Style

Material to use: Electric trimmer. Teasels, comb, nail clippers, straight scissors, serrated scissors.

Cut the hair on the neck and trunk until the beginning of the tail, the legs, the stomach, buttocks, and chest. Then shave the lower part of the legs.
Shave the abdomen with the electric trimmer as well as the contour of the sex, the crotch and slightly around the anus. Shave the muzzle starting from the nose to the angle of the eyes. If the dog seems nervous about this hold him firmly and talk to him to calm him down. On the head, starting a little behind the eyebrows until the neck and slightly on the sides. Next shave from the chin to the throat.
Cut the dogs nails and pull out the hairs from inside the ears. Get rid of the knots on the ears and tail and use a teasel to brush out all of the shaved parts to get rid of the excess hair. Then use the electric trimmer on the dog’s body to give it a more uniform shape.
Hold on to the dog’s extended legs and one by one start to comb the hair to the sides, and even out all the hairs that were not in place. Comb and even out the lower part of the tail with the curved scissors.
Cut the contour of the dog’s paw very round but make sure to not get rid of hair that is on top of the paw (the hair must cover the paws).
Comb the hair on the cheeks forward and mark and arch from the base of the ear until the angle of the nose. Lift the ears and brush the exterior and cut and give them a round shape. The head must give look like a ball sort of. Brush and even out the ears and allow them to be at a proportionate longitude with the head of the dog.

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