Top Female Dog Names, Scientific Name for Dogs

Why care fordog names? Your top dog is a special part of our families, therefore they deserve to have a name, giving them a name will no only get them closer to us d make it a real member of the family, but they will also define their personality, in certain way. Using a scientific name for dog is also common.

Many people simply choose the most common or popular male and female dog names for their puppies like Bobby or Lucky or they name them after a very famous dog on movies or television such us: Oddie (Gradfield s canine friend, Lazzy (the famous Collie)Scooby (as in Scooby Doo) etc.
Some of the aspects we may consider when choosing a name for your dog can be:

  • Any physical characteristic the dog may have like spots, colors and so on.
  • Any personality characteristic. Let’s say for instance if the dog is very lazy or very active, …
  • A name that may have a special meaning for us because of the things we believe in or the thing we like the most in life or resembling the name of our favorite artist, singer, group, writer, composer, etc.
  • A name that may bring us some special memories as the name of the place in which we spent a great time or the name of our favorite canine character during our childhood.
  • We can also give our dog names such as Mister … or … the second.
  • Some people also look for specific information about names on your bog’s breed.
  • Some others name their dogs in different languages according to their country or origin.
  • And some of them even name their dogs according to the brood. For example, if we are talking about our dog’s first brood, then the puppies’ name should begin with the later A, if it is the second brood, with the letter B and so on.

One important think to keep in mind on the dog naming process is that no matter what name you choose for your top dog, consider that it won’t remain a puppy all its life, so don’t name it “Tiny” when your dog is a Neapolitan Mastiff or “Sugar” when your dog is a Pit bull or Snowball if your dog is a Siberian Husky. So the only thing left to say here is good luck in your name searching, there is a lot to choose from.

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