Optimal Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Dog Gestation:We’ve insisted enough on the importance of the sterilization for your dog’s health, however, as the owner, you have the final word on either to go along with our advice or make your dog breed. By doing so, make sure to take into consideration essential factors that ensure the dog pregnancy doesn’t risk at all your animal’s health and optimal development.

Seven factors that ensure an optimal dog pregnancy

  1. Vaccination. The female dog should always be revaccinated with every single shot possible in a time frame no longer than six months before the pregnancy is scheduled to begin.
  2. Previous analysis. It’s fundamental to realize concrete analysis that rule out, both in male and female dogs, possible infections caused by Canine Brucella or Canine Herpes virus, since both place your animal’s life in serious jeopardy as well as the offspring’s life.
  3. Deworming. The female dog should be deworming 48 hours before the scheduled meeting between the male and female. 20 and 50 days after the first coitus the female should be deworming once again, and once more after the pregnancy.
  4. Feeding. The pregnant dog should see its daily portions increasing in size during the second part of the pregnancy, and the increase should continue depending on the weight gained and the number of fetus counted. As well as increasing the daily portions, these should be divided into several meals a day to facilitate digestion and assimilation.
  5. Exercise. During the first stage of the pregnancy – when there’s no visible abdominal increase in volume- the dog can perform its normal exercise routine, always under strict watch by the owner to avoid unpleasant accidents. As soon as there’s a notable weight gain, the length of each walk will decrease whereas the number of times the dog goes to the street will increase so that the animal can urinate and release bladder pressure. During the second phase of the pregnancy, any big effort should be avoided, like jumps, crazy runs, etc, and the animal should be walked with mild activities, like the open field, or small streets.
  6. Precautions. They will be doubled during the pregnancy of the dog to avoid running into objects, plants or poisonous animals.

x-ray for pregnet dogPregnancy diagnosis

  1. Ultrasound scans. From day 21 to day 28, counting from the first coitus, it is possible to confirm gestation through an ultrasound scan diagnosis. It’s much recommended.
  2. X-rays. A week before your dog gives birth, approximately day 51 counting from the first day, an X-ray should be made to confirm the number of fetuses, and at the same time, know their position. The x-ray should not be performed before day 51 since it could affect fetal development. Naturopathy

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