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Indoor happy puppy games: Hide and Seek Game
Their house fit! You must hide objects that the dog recognizes: s small toy, a piece of cloth or for the first try outs, a candy. After the dog obeys the command <sit and quit!>, make him wait until the object is hidden. A second person may also hold the dog and let him go after the command of <search!>. Accompany the dog in the beginning to show him the way of the search and the proximity he has to the object with words as <no, not there!> or <there!>, <good boy!> giving each one the right tone of voice. Start with easy things. Success and praises count much more than the degree of difficulty, especially with puppies.

Level 1 (for young puppies): leave the object at sight on the floor in the room where the dog is. Start giving the commands opportunely, even though the puppy doesn’t know how to respond to them.

Level 2: hide the object in the next room but in a way so that the dog can see it from the room.

Level 3: put the object under a sofa or chair.

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Level 4: put the object in the floor, between cushions or blankets that the dog will have to separate.

Level 5 (for experts): put the object on top of a chair hidden in a basket or coat pocket.

When you repeat the game the dog tends to go and look for the object in the same places where he found it before. Don’t change the location every time if the dog is a beginner, so you don’t discourage him by demanding to much of him. You may also hide yourself and make your dog look for you.

Thinking and Ability Games
Drawings 1 & 2: Thinking games are nothing but hiding objects: you show an object to the dog, in which case he must take a liking to the aspect and odor of the object so he can be hide it again. The harder the hiding places, the harder he’ll have to think. Objects may be placed under the rug, in closed or opened boxes or mixed up between similar ones. It’s also important to see their capacity of retention on the long run, when you tell him to go look for something after a couple of hours or the next day. Games that you need to go around things need a change of ideas, which is a very a hard task for the dog. In the barrier game, you let a ball roll under a thick board hole (or a stretched blanket). The dog can’t grab the ball directly but must go around the board to get a hold of the ball. Ability games combined with boxes have several variants, however the dog chooses to get a hold of the object, either lift the top or open it with its paws or muzzle. The Tunnel Test the dog watches the way a toy or candy passes though a tunnel (1 meter long) pulled by a string its attached to The object will stay still in the tunnel at first then at the end, after many demonstrations the dog will try to pass through trying to get a hold of the objects.more puppy game for kids

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