Doberman Dog Breed Information

The Doberman is powerful and muscular, runs very fast and is a incorruptible guardian.

Height, weight: up to 72 cm; and 45 kg. Very elegant aspect

Fur, color: short, hard and dense. Black, dark brown or blue with rusty red, perfectly outlined fire.

Appropriate for: people who enjoy sports or who seek a good guard dog.

Not Appropriate for: people who don’t like sports, have fast reactions, or want to be taken guarded.doberman
As a member of the family: if included when young will be very caring with the family and children.

Breed’s character: moody, brave, firm, naturally strong. The skin tension on the face doesn’t let you guess it’s mood. Psychologically sensitive. Actually is a one man’s dog. Bred in the XIX century by Louis Doberman as a defense dog.

Common sicknesses: hair loss

Life expectancy: up to 14 years

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