Irish Setter Dog Breed Information

The Irish Setter dog is a splendid figure of luxury, is temperamental , from which it occults a implacable and tireless, hunting nature.
Height, weight: from 63 to 68 cm high; weighs from 27 to 32 kg. Is slender, elegant and muscular.
Fur, color: thick, straight and ironed hair; some parts are short ad others semi-long, with fringes on the borders of the stomach, chest and neck. An intensive reddish-chestnut color, with no traces of black; there is, however, one small white spot on its chest, paws and front.

Appropriate for: aesthete residents who live in big or normal sized houses, who ride 2 hours, or more a day, on their bicycles.

Not Appropriate for: people who don’t like to go out a lot, or who are too harsh.

As a member of the family: a regular guardian. Loses hair a lot. Very affectionate and has a great need of physical contact.

Breed’s character: depending on the way it was brought up, it can be either insensible or on the other extreme, ultra-sensitive. Is independent and very intelligent. If not taken out enough, can be obstinate and stubborn. In the case of being pampered, it will become sensitive to the noise and even fearful. Ever since 200 years ago, its been the show dog of long hair from the British Islands.

Common sicknesses: there exists little information about the specific sicknesses it gets.

Life expectancy: up to 15 years.

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