Information for Dog’s Vet

When you take your dog to the veterinarian after a collapse be prepared to give the following information.

  • How long did the last collapse last?
  • Was your dog behaving strangely before collapsing? For example drooling, walking unsteadily, disoriented or depressed.
  • What was your dog doing when it collapsed? Was it playing, running, eating or just relaxing?
  • What did your dog do immediately after recovering from its collapse?
  • Was your dog’s collapse an isolated incident or does it collapse frequently? If frequently, how frequently?
  • When your dog collapses is it completely still and limp?
  • When your dog collapses are it’s muscles moving or twitching? How much?
  • Is your dog taking any medication?
  • Is there the possibility that your dog has eaten some form of poison, such as rat pellets?
  • Has your dog suffered from any accidents or bites recently?

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