How to Build a Dog House with Plans

I think you just arrived on the internet’s only site with FREEDog HousePlans.

This doghouse plan is a nice simple but basicstep by stepdemo of what you can and how to build a dog house by yourself.When a building a Cedar WoodDoghouseat home, finding the wood shouldn’t be too hard. If not, similar wood should be available and easily used in this design. When buying the wood for the dog house, you may find that your local hardware store may not have cedar wood available with the measurements specified in the plan. This doesn’t matter at all. If the cedar wood is a little thicker or thinner, slightly wider or narrower, doesn’t make a big difference. The plans might need to be somewhat adjusted along the way to arrange the available sizes.

What is important is that they are cut to the right length. If unsure it would be better to cut them a few inches longer and then trim down as required with a jigsaw; which will come in handy when building the doghouse. They are available at any hardware store and are inexpensive.

You will need a jigsaw when attaching the internal walls, roof, and Perspex windows, so it is well worth getting one.

The dog house plan we give you here will not result in the dog house you see here on the right but, it will be good enough for a free meal…

Step by Step sketches Building Materials Required

Plans of Various steps of construction
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