Dog Flatulence – Gas in Dogs & Dog Constipation. Dogs that FART most.

Dog Flatulence, best known as gas or fart, is something that some breeds get as they go aging. This happens when the dog’s intestines start progressively losing their muscular tone. In most cases this problem bothers the owner even more so than it does the dog. Each breed reacts differently to different foods but there are certain foods which are known to give gas to dogs such as meat that is not fresh, yesterdays leftovers, milk, lactose products, and raw vegetables. Sometimes dogs can get gas by simply eating too quickly, which in turn causes the dog to swallow too much air. A good way to avoid this from happening is by getting the dog a wide feeding bowl and crushing its food into the bowl before it eats so that the dog has to eat smaller amounts at a time.
Dog Constipation is something that causes dogs a lot of discomfort. Dogs that do not get enough exercise, older dogs with little muscular tone and males with prostate problems are more likely to suffer from constipation. Usually this problem is due to a poor diet or a lack of fiber. Talk to your veterinarian about it so he or she can recommend a more adequate diet. Remember also that exercise is vital; you can have your dog do a little exercise about an hour after it eats.


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