Healthy Dog Food Recipe

Unfortunately the statistics concerning the packaged dog food industry are not all that reassuring and something that is becoming more frequent are healthy dog food recipes. Even though there have been a number of improvements in the regulatory process much of what goes into the processed foods you buy for your dog at the local pet store or supermarket is not what should be considered fit for consumption.

There is a rampant problem with misleading information being put on the labels. Worse than that is the amounts of antibiotics, steroids, hormonal supplements and toxins that are found in the processed foods. These products are believed by experts to be the causes of many modern day pet maladies. So why not try a healthy dog food recipe instead?

If you do not have the time to prepare your dog a healthy dog food recipe look into these things when buying already prepared dog foods.

The brands that use natural preservatives (vitamins C and E or ethoxyquin) in their production are the best to buy.

Next time you visit the supermarket take your calculator and do an interesting comparison experiment. Write down the prices for ground beef and then the price per gram of the canned dog foods. You will find that the cheapest canned dog food is as much as 5 times more expensive than what cheap ground beef costs. So if you think about it making a natural healthy dog food recipe doesn’t sound so bad.

What really happens to dog food? If after processing, canning, marketing, distribution and advertising they can still charge less than ground beef (which we know is made from the leftovers of the slaughter house) are all those “healthy,” “nutritious” claims really true? Try a healthy dog food recipe; your dog will thank you.

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