Golden Retriever & Retrievers Breed

Golden Retriever leave hairs on the carpet and paw marks on your white pants or carpet, yet their charm, beauty and personality compensate all those nuisances. With a Golden Retriever by your side even your bleakest days will seem bright. Golden Retrievers deserve to be loved. With a wink they jump into your heart and onto the sofa. The passion for Retrievers is like a virus which doesn’t easily let its victim go. For many years, we have been dedicated to Golden Retrievers, in shows, exams, and in the day-to-day life we have found so many enthusiastic owners of this breed. But with all the fascination we can not forget one thing: Golden Retrievers are not magical beings who are easy to take care of, nor are they a decoration for the house they’re in, nor an accessory for your elegant clothes during leisure time. Golden Retrievers are strong, active, medium-sized dogs, with a good set of teeth and with requirements defPicture of Golden Retriever in Bedined by their environment. Their original destiny as hunting dogs has bequeathed them with excellent qualities. Only when the needs of us as humans coincide with those of the dogs, will the Golden Retriever become our ideal dog. Do you want to bring home a Golden Retriever or have you already opted for this lovely breed but don’t know where to get a good puppy? Or have you recently become the proud owner of a Golden Retriever? If so, don’t forget to get some dog toys to help his training. Not only if this is your first time as a dog owner, also if you have already accumulated experiences with other dogs and now you are the owner of a Golden Retriever, precisely in the first year will a lot of questions come up. We highlight the subjects that worry those whose interest for Golden Retrievers is new. Consequently, we only briefly describe some important things. But we want to give you as much help as possible to make this start a good one, and we wish you lots of fun and adventurous years with your dog!

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