Canine heat period inhibition

The sexual cycle is interrupted by an injection. Therefore we will have a female dog as we want, without heat period inconvenient.

Which are the secondary effects? Possibly two terrible concomitant effects may arise: obesity and pus accumulation at the matrix (piometra).

Obesity may be avoided through a diet.

And regarding piometra, if you own a female that has never delivered, the risk will be present in 5% of cases, as the animal gets older, no matter if her heat period was inhibited or not. Nevertheless, it’s not a death sentence; surgery may help, and even produce some kind of rejuvenation.

The complete suppression of heat through medicines will benefit you and your female dog. If the injection is applied at the righ moment, the slight risk is enough rewarded, cause you are avoiding all the efforts and dangers you will face during her numerous heat periods.

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