Feeding a dog human food

Feeding a dog leftovers: If you want to give your dog some leftovers, make sure you do not give him more than 5- 10% amount of the daily calories needed. Usually what happens is that we give our dogs the fat off of the meat without any vegetables and cereals, and feeding this to a dog does not provide enough nutrition nor can it be considered a balanced diet. Avoid giving your dog ham or sweets; most dogs love sweets but they can be very harmful to a dog’s health.

Red meat and chicken for dogs: Red meat and chicken should not be the exclusive diet of a dog, and even less so for puppies because chicken and meat are not rich in calcium, phosphorous, iron, and vitamin E and D. If meat is given in an excessive amount to a dog, (over 25% of a balanced diet), it will create an imbalance in the dogs diet. Remember to de bone the chicken or meat that you feed your dog and to cook it well.

Milk products for dogs: Milk is considered one of the best options to give to a puppy and is easy to digest until a certain age; when a dog grows and as a consequence of the reduction of lactose (the enzyme in the intestine that is used to digest the sugar in milk), the dog’s stomach is no longer able to handle milk, and it can cause diarrhea.
Products that are derived from milk have a lot of high quality proteins, but they can create an imbalance in the dog’s diet if given in large amounts.

Feeding a dog oil and fat: Cod liver oil is something that can be added to a puppy’s diet as well as vegetable oil, or animal fat to make the food taste better and increase the amount of vitamins. Cod liver oil is very rich in vitamin A and D, but it’s important to keep in mind that feeding a dog too much can hurt the dog. An excessive amount of fat can cause a dog to have digestive problems, weight problems, and above all in younger dogs because it causes them to eat less food since their bodies feel satisfied with the amount of fat they are in taking. Almost all the dog foods for sale come with a complete and correct amount of acid polyunsaturated fat; make sure to buy good quality food for your dog and food that has not been stored for too long since this can take away from the fats, minerals and vitamins in the food.

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