Epagneul Breton Dog Breed Information

It originally comes from Spain. Is one of the smallest and most popular of the French show dogs.

Height, weight: from 47 to 50 cm. Weight between 23 and 25 kg.

Fur, color: medium length hair, straight or slightly wavy. They are black and white, black and orange, tricolor, or spotted with some of these colors.

Appropriate for: lovers of physical exercise in the country.
Not Appropriate for: who wants a large and independent dog.

As a member of the family: is the preferred companion of those who like the outdoors. Since it is a family dog it’s very recommendable since it is very hard to get it mad, even with children. Even though it likes activity it is calm at home. It doesn’t need excessive care.

Breed’s character: a happy dog, and always wanting to satisfy it’s owner, to who it is very sensitive towards. Is very active and aware.

Common sicknesses: otitis.

Life expectancy: up to 14 years.

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