Dog Electrocution

When it comes to Dog Electrocution Every second counts. Each second a dog is in contact with electricity diminishes his probabilities of surviving. Any electrical contact must urgently be interrupted, shutting down the main power supply. If this cannot be possible, do not touch the accident at animal. Try to disconnect the cable or electrified element using a dry stick, trying to remove the cable or element from the animal’s body, or separating him from the electrified object with the same stick.

Attention: if you touch the animal while the electrified object is still adhered to his body, the current will pass to your body. Never touch him until he is separated. Only use dry elements and keep your feet off wet or humid surfaces. In the animal does not breathe, immediately practice mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. If you must move the accident at animal, do it with a lot of caution, as if he were fractured, which might be the case. Once the animal is breathing again, attend his state of shock. It is very important that you all of that. Meanwhile you attend the dog, another person must call the vet explaining the urgency of the case. Make sure that puppies and even adult dogs do not lay with electrical cables nor stick their tongues in sockets (especially puppies).

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