Deutsche Dogge AKA Great Dane Breed & Race Information

From German Information, the Deutsche Dogge “Great Dane” is huge stylized dog is very old and similar to the ancient Alano, although with a slight difference: a prognathic jaw. This is not the heaviest dog, but it is the tallest. It is also known as Great Dane, although it has nothing to do with Denmark. It was used in bull-fighting and also for wild boar hunting. In 1952 the Duque of Branuschweig attended a wild boar hunt event with 600 male Deutsche Dogges. The Dogge was declared the national dog of Germany in 1876. The ears used to be cropped, but now it is usual to see them in their natural shape, even in canine events. The is similar to any Great Dane Information you may obtain.

Character of the Deutsche Dogge: Although his great dimensions might give a different idea, the German dogge is hood natured and well adapted to home life. He needs to go out frequently, and is a very good warden, although not as aggressive as the rest of the molossers. Nevertheless, if he sees his owner in a dangerous situation, he becomes a fierce fighter. Deutsche Dogges are kind, but have to be treated nicely. Too much discipline can turn them bitter. They like sofas and are keen on jumping onto the furniture and to people, so they have to be educated since pups.

Characteristics of the Deutsche Dogge

  • Size: The male is 75 cm, while the female is: 70 cm long.
  • Weight: 50-70 kg, can sometimes weight up to 90 kg
  • Color: Black, blue fawn, brindle, harlequin.
  • Hair: Short and straight.
    This dog is not too smart: learn the necessary, but is obedient.

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