Chow-Chow Dog Breed Information

Looks like a lion. The Chow-chow is proud and reserved, and walks a little funny (as if it’s carrying stilts).
Height, weight: its minimum height is 45,5 cm; weighs 20 to 32 kg. Has a very compact body.
Fur, color: abundant, thick and straight, with soft under hair. Has a marked collar. a black monochrome, red, blue, brown, cream color or plain black.
Appropriate for: for those who look for capricious dogs, and are abchow chow Dog Breed Informationle to handle them.
Not Appropriate for: those who want complete and utter obedience.
As a member of the family: attentive guardian; but very quiet. It doesn’t need to move around a lot. Is not recommendable for children.
Breed’s character: capricious, to the point of being right out stubborn. A one man/woman dog. It’s almost impossible to train it. No interest in flattering or cajoling. It is one of the most individualist dogs and is very self-assured and proud. Is combative and brave. Sensitive to heat. It originally comes from China and was used for hunting, as a shooting dog, a guardian or even a sheep dog. It was first introduced in Europe in 1887 and it didn’t take long for it to be on fashion.

Common sicknesses: prone to eczemas. Frequent blinking of the rook of its eye.

Life expectancy: up to 14 years.

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