Border Collie Breed & Race Information. Collie puppy dog

These pointy-faced dogs have an agile well-built body, and they are still used as shepherds in their country as well as companion in other countries. In 1860, the Queen Victoria visited Scotland and took several with her. Afterwards, breeders shaped their bodies and obtained the characteristic pointy face they have nowadays. These dogs have received prizes because of their bravery and show great affection for heir families. The name “Collie” is used for every breed of bovine shepherds, and the term derives form “Coalies” (from “coal”), which was the name used for the black-faced sheep they were supposed to look after. One of the most eye-catching features of the Collie is his expressive eyes, which can be hazel, dark brown or blue, depending on the color of the fur. Collies can suffer from hereditary eye diseases.

Character of the Border Collie: Collies are well-tempered dogs, efficient and calm wardens. During their learning stage they should not be treated roughly, for they’re stubborn and your efforts could be meaningless. They can be wonderful guides, as well as police dogs, trackers and rescue dogs.

Hearing and smell senses are highly developed.

Characteristics of the Border Collie

  • Size: The male is 56-67 cm, while the female is: 51-56 cm long
  • Weight: 20-29 kg
  • Color: Chocolate and white, tricolor, blue and white with dark red spots.
  • Hair: Long and thick. The tail is long and fluffy. There as variety with short hair, called “Smooth Collie”.

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