Choosing a dog breed. List dog breed

Are you sure that you are ready to have a dog in your home? Is a dog really the kind of pet you need? Answering the following questions will help you determine if a dog is appropriate for your lifestyle and needs or not.
Do you love dogs? Do dogs love you?
Do you or does anyone in your family suffer from allergies or other health problems related to pets?
Are you allowed to have pets according to your apartment’s lease?
Does your financial state permit for another mouth to feed? (Don’t forget trips to the vet, pet accessories and visits to the spa.)
Do you have a strong stomach or does the though of cleaning up dog urine, fecal matter or vomit cause you to become nauseous? There is nothingwrong with thinking that dogs are cute and cuddly but if you answered negatively to any of the above questions then you should probably stick to being in the dog fan club and not try and take one home.
Someone once said that finding a dog is a little like finding yourself. Though you may think that you’ve got yourself all figured out there always seems to be some hidden surprises. One good rule of thumb when choosing breed is to search for some compatibility. If you are an outdoors man then an energetic hunting dog will probably be good for you. If you are a laid back, relaxed person then you will probably want to get a breed that is happy spending hours on your lap. Are you emotional and affectionate then you will want to look for a breed that wants, desires and needs loads of attention. Do you lose your cool easily and are you short tempered then an overly active or messy breed will probably “rub your fur the wrong way.” If you think of dogs as life partners then you will better understand the need for you both to be suited for each other.

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