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Top 8 best collapsible dog bowls for travel

1. Prima Pet Expandable/ Collapsible Silicone Food & Water Travel Bowl with Clip for Small & Medium Dog and Cat, Size: 1.5 Cups (5.1 Inch Diameter Bowl) (AQUA)

The Prima Pet bowl seems like another silicone collapsible bowl. Why did we put it on the top of the list? It can come down to appearance. In the other words, you witness, so as for a great silicone bowl to fold in on itself; it can narrow ahead of the bowl’s bottom.

Next, the bowl narrows out the silicone bowls we checked. This intangible design transformation made both huge dogs and flat-faced dogs with larger snouts simply consume kibble from the bowl’s bottom.

The bigger opening even decreased the opportunity of our pets accidentally collapsing the bowl during you use it, something that we evaluated with various silicone dog bowls we checked. Produced from FDA-certified food-grade silicone, those silicone bowls squash right down to the tiny size when not in use.

As for the size, it is among the silicone pet bowls which support you to pick out the size, either big or small. Small is well-suited for anything up to the Beagle. When it comes to breeds bigger than that, or if in doubt; you need to go with the bigger size.


– Be handy and portable to use

– Supports a fast-release carabiner clip to latch to your leash comfortably.

– There are no toxic substances


– Some clients complain about the scratches on the top lids and the front.

2. Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl 1000 mL, Sturdy Reinforced Rim, Includes Carabiner & Water Bottle Holder Keychain

The Bonza Large collapsible bowl is the non-slip choice for feeding and hydrating the pet on the way. It is a fabulous water bowl for huge dogs since it might not simply collapse. Not only can it be tough to collapse right away during it is filled with an amount of food, but it is also long-lasting enough to be capable of surviving the drop without breaking.

Besides, the 40-ounce dog bowl might hold five cups of food, and the 55-ounce version could hold seven cups of food. In addition to that, they both might be entirely enlarged, or particularly enlarged, and collapse down to 0.75’’.

The tinier dog bowl weighs around 5.6 ounces and is fabulous for between medium and big dogs with more than 100 pounds. Basically, this collapsible dog bowl is the silicone water bottle holder which might simply clip above the tiny backpack. If you get the huge breed of dog, both of you might be grateful for the Bonza Large version.


– Be tear-resistant and ideal for big-sized dogs.

– Equips with a water bottle holder.

– The vital piece of dog hiking gear is a great solution for offering dogs water and food.


– Begins cracking and falls apart for several months.

3. Collapsible Dog Bowl, 2 Pack Small Collapsible Dog Water Bowls for Cats Dogs, Portable Pet Feeding Watering Dish for Walking Parking Traveling with 2 Carabiners (Small, Blue+Green)

This SLSON collapsible dog bowl is pretty cool for your lovely furry friend because it is quite simple to fetch with a climbing buckle. It might attach to a belt loop, leash, or different zones. It is appropriate for outdoor sports.

When it comes to the size of this collapsible dog bowl; a tiny sized bowl can hold up to 12 ounces of water, or 1.5 cups of dog food. In the other words, tiny pet bowls are well-suited for small pups. The big-sized bowls are suitable for medium and huge dogs. As for sanitization, it is quite simple to hygiene.

Moreover, it is quite dishwasher-safe, so as to decrease unpleasant waste, those compact puppy food bowls might be wiped clean after every usage, and bring fabulous longevity. Last but not least, here is a great product that you need to purchase as soon as possible.


– Be long-lasting and safe.

– You can clean it easily.

– The perfect design can support and take up less space.

– Be ideal for outdoor activities.


– The carabiner needs to change.    

4. Awakelion Collapsible Dog Bowls, 2 Pack Travel Dog Bowls Kit for Food and Water, Portable Travel Dog Food Storage Bag for Walking Camping Hiking – Perfect for Large & Medium Size Dogs

As for big water bowls for your furry friends, the Awakelion dog bowl will not make you disappointed. It can come with a capacity of 68 ounces of water or approximately 2.2 pounds of pet food. It is produced from the 900D oxford cloth which is user-friendly, non-poisonous, and food-safe.

The water-resistant fabric interior can hold water super effectively, and might not leak. On top of it, this consists of handy elastic straps to attach it whenever and wherever you would love, and avoid you to lose it during you are on the way.

Next, it is simple to hygiene and fast-drying, but if you are in the hurry; you could simply wipe it out with a perfect towel. Finally, this version is the ideal fabric bowl for huge and medium dogs.


– Be useful for outdoor activities.

– Be lightweight and come in handy

– Be simple to pack and store.

– Holds water effectively without leaking through.


– The elastic loops on the bowls are quite loose.

5. PetBonus 4-Pack Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowls, BPA Free Dishwasher Safe, Portable Foldable Expandable Travel Bowl, Food Water Feeding Cup Dish for Dogs Cats with 4 Carabiners

If you are hunting the great collapsible travel bowls for your cute pooches, look no further than the PetBonus products. The four-pack supports four bright colors from green to pink. Next, the bowl might hold up to 12 ounces of water, or amount of food.

Apart from that, it could collapse down to 0.5’’ and every bowl weighs around 2.16 ounces. In addition to that, it brings three customizable tiers so that you might change the bowl’s depth up to your furry friend’s hobby.

The base is manufactured from silicone during the rim is created from the strong hard plastic. The hole and carabiner make it easy to hang on your belt loop, or the hook during you are waiting for it to dry. Finally, this PetBonus dog bowl is dishwasher-safe and is a wonderful addition to your pet gear collection.


– Be simple to use and store

– Provides a wide range of sizes.

– Be cool as a temporary, or travel bowl for tinier dogs.


– The design is not as nice as you think.

6. Comsun 2-Pack Extra Large Size Collapsible Dog Bowl, Foldable Expandable Cup Dish for Pet Cat Food Water Feeding Portable Travel Bowl Blue and Green

Comsun’s collapsible dog bowl is great, and pretty as well. It is produced from pure plastic, which makes them so simple to manufacture. There are no whistles out there; this version is the great bargain path to move during you want to obtain your furry friend fed.

Apart from it, the set goes with double so that you might utilize one as the dedicated water dish and one as the dishes, or take both to feed double various canines, as the circumstance can be. Your pet can be quite indiscriminate when it discusses the food option: most canines are. Luckily, in spite of being produced from plastic, this version is particularly safe if your pup occurs to consume others.

As for the expense, you will not take a greater deal at this moment. In the other words, this version is considered the ideal option for traveling with your furry friend on a strict budget. It can not use for so long, but it is simple enough to throw them away and take the next set. 


– Offers double bowls for water and food.

– Come in handy to store.

– Be simple to hygiene.

– Comes with carabiners for carrying.


– Might be hard to pop out.     

7. Friends Forever Collapsible Dog Bowl – 2 Pack Travel Dog Bowl, Water and Food Bowls for Dogs – Portable Pet Hiking Accessories … Blue

This Friends Forever collapsible dog bowl shares attributes with the Leashboss bowls since they are produced from FDA-approved material. They provide a wide range of sizes that are bigger than other dog bowls. Next, this product equips with a set of double, but one is huge, and the other is tiny, which can not be what you are hunting for. It is also waterproof, as leaking can happen after a short period of time.

This bowl is even hard to carry and store those bowls since the plastic clips they support are tough to open, even though you might attach your carabiner to the clip for making it operate greater. Due to the unexpected clips; they are not fabulous for storage as they might get lost in the bag.


– Provides big sizes

– Comes with foldable material.

– Be FDA-approved.


– Awful plastic clips

– Be not good for storage.

8. BARWO Collapsible Dog Bowl with Non-Skid Suction Base -100% Pure Silicone Foldable Water Bowl, Portable Dog Bowl for Travel, Hiking & Camping 350mL 1 Piece

This dog bowl is built to keep upright against the friskiest dogs. The bowl can stick to the great surfaces for offering better stability. When it comes to leading quality, the silicone bowls are produced from perfect eco-friendly food-grade silicone making sure of safety, and the pets’ health.

Besides, those Barwo bowls are freezer-friendly and long-lasting. This pet bowl is seen as a dog travel bowl, and the attribute makes it perfect for traveling. As for flexible usage, it is fabulous for both indoor and outdoor usage.

The material is produced from total pure silicone, so it is convenient and safe for your furry friend. Last but not least, that is a perfect product which you should spend more pennies on it so far.


– The bowl is dishwasher-safe

– Comes with the leading quality aluminum carabiner.

– Offer better stability.

– Be appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.


– The bowl can stain with a foggy white color.     


Buying guide

The reasons why you have to use the best collapsible dog bowls for travel

The best collapsible dog bowls (known as travel bowls) are the ideal solutions to keep your furry friend hydrated while you are away on vacation, camping, or hiking. Your pet’s standard ceramic or stainless steel products might certainly be quite very bulky during you are on the move; taking up way more space than they can and making a host of noise (breaking) while they bump into different hard surfaces.

On top of it, collapsible dog bowls are specifically produced from the pet-safe silicone, or fabric material; are very lightweight, and could fold up easily so they are quite handy; which makes them travel essentials during hanging out somewhere with your puppy.

Things to consider before purchasing the best collapsible dog bowls for travel

Here are the most crucial items to focus on during you are in the search for a modern travel bowl for your lovely furry friend.

1. Material

A wide range of bowls you witness might be produced from plastic, fabric, or even silicone. Those could be great choices, but if space is a key element; then you have to ensure you obtain one which collapses down small. With regard to the kind of pet bowl you select, we highly recommend that you should stick with that manufactured from food-grade materials which are free of lead, and resistant to mold.

On top of it, a lot of collapsible travel dog bowls are even soft, and if your pet is a chewer; then the great bowl can not use for a long time. Other most common choices are produced from silicone, or canvas, each of which brings its merits.

The silicone bowls are affordable and heat-resistant but are likely to fail rapidly when it discusses their long-lasting usage. Next, the canvas pet bowls are bigger; but they are quite durable as well. Other fabric bowls also fold down small enough to suit inside your pants pocket, but they can not hold their shape and different materials, which can interrupt your pet. Moreover, ensure the bowl you might select is not prone to absorbing liquid. Finally, the bowls which absorb liquid can be likely to tear since the water lessens the material.

2. Cleaning issue

Whether you will be camping, or keeping in a hotel; it is great if your pet’s bowl is dishwasher-safe. That makes sure even the tiny crevices get cleaned entirely. If you select the collapsible dog bowl which is not dishwasher-safe, ensure it is simple to clean by hand.

3. Capacity

The best dog bowl which is perfect for travel might particularly be tinier than the bowls most individuals keep in their homes. Seeking the correct size portable pet bowl is striking the balance from the bowl which is big enough for your pet’s water, to the bowl which suits conveniently in your pet’s hiking backpack, or travel bag.

When it comes to a tiny dog, the travel bowl of approximately 12 ounces can operate but if you get the bigger dog; the bowl closer to 40 ounces might fit you better.

4. Portability

The perspective of the best collapsible dog bowl is that it’s simple to travel with during fitting your pet’s food and water demands. According to what kind of traveling you will be doing; you might need to hunt the bowl with the carabiner so that you might attach it to the outdoor bag and get fast access to it during your pet wants a beverage.

If you are going to be having a vacation in a single zone, caravanning; or moving to a motel; then portability can not be a huge problem. In this circumstance, take into consideration a heavier, and even stainless steel bowl choice.

5. Skid-proof attribute

Spill-proof pet bowls assist to reduce spills from over-eager drinkers. Whether at the campsite, or in the hotel room; the spill-proof bowl supports keep items neat, and decrease the amount of water, or wasted food.

6. Weight

Like the size a great dish can collapse down to is crucial for the visitor on the path, weight is the next crucial element. Every ounce you put into the backpack is the following ounce that you want to hold around with you; the lighter you need to move; the greater for your back in the long race. However, if you will not be holding the dish itself the most of the time; and want the transportable installation; then the weight might be less of an element.

On top of it, the volume is the tradeoff of compressed dimension. The tinier a dish is able to compress down; the less size it can get in its extended state. This might mean that furry friends with leading volumes could even be quite tough to store. However, it is an exchange that you get to make if you own a huge dog; the tinier dishes straightforwardly will not be sufficient to feed them.

With regard to how much you are attempting to make the dish a crucial component of your backpack Tetris; you might ensure it’s going to be huge enough to get the onslaught of furry friend’s snapping jaws.

7. Usage

Other dishes on the current market get a quite complicated installation, asking you to do some items to put them all together, and even compress them down. Next, others can pop up and be put away within some literal seconds.

Also, the more convenient to use a dish is; the greater the client. Even though there are some instances in which less complexity proves some attributes, this shows you are taking less than you might out of the collapsible pooch dish.

8. Durability

In particular, durability might be a crucial attribute when assessing the product which falls on the “guns” side of “ butter and guns”. You might not need to take more bucks on something which is targeted to be permanent, only to get it to fall apart for a long period before you have taken full usage out of it.

From something as basic as a versatile furry friend dish; durability is among the key fields which we have glanced at. In fact, it is not possible to compare the power of something such as nylon with something like stainless steel; that is to claim; it’s realistic which one can defeat. However, as there are some benefits to using nylon, the fabric bags’ durability can be evaluated and involved in various fabric bags.

In a similar manner; the silicone versions might be assessed to different silicone versions for durability. There are some versions on the current market; specifically, silicone ones, which get leading durability ratings but for one particular matter; in other circumstances; the corporation is ready to compensate for these problems.

9. Carabiners

The best dog bowls can equip with carabiners for convenient attachment to bags and leashes during traveling. There are particular choices that stick with various types of clips, but carabiners have been demonstrated to operate effectively, since they are less likely to break than plastic, and are simple to clip on and off because of their dimension.

Next, they make you attach the collapsible dog bowl to your belt or their leash. It is usually a high priority to attach it somewhere which might not irritate your lovely furry friend, or make it tougher to hold their leash.

10. Splash-Free

Typical bowls which are targeted to be taken for the car typically get the rim or leading lid that stays water from sloshing out. Other those work greater than others, and it is up to how much water you put into the collapsible dog bowl, or how bumpy your travel is.                

Useful hints: 

You might buy the best collapsible dog bowls for travel in the set rather than individually since you will most likely want the water dish or the amount of food. In addition to that, you might find well-priced, leading quality choices sold as sets of double.


In this section, you will gain a deeper understanding of the best collapsible dog bowls for travel on the market. We know that you can not wait any more, and let’s get started with some interesting questions below.

1. How much does the best collapsible dog bowl for travel cost?

The travel dog bowls are super affordable, so you might not be taking more than 10 dollars on one unless they are part of a unique set, or boast other specifically modern attributes.

2. What do you know about BPA and why is it not good for your lovely furry friend?

When surfing the best collapsible dog bowls for travel; you might regularly recognize particular versions being displayed as BPA-free, or poison-free. That might be challenging, particularly when you witness bowls shown as not BPA-free – Can you be worried?

Next, BPA is bisphenol A, the chemical discovered in many industrial plastics. In the other words, recent research has proved that it might seep into drinks, and even food when used as a container and is a chemical connected to the reproductive issues, or also cancer in other pets.

Thus, it can particularly be an overall evaluation while browsing for plastic pet bowls. There are other plastic collapsible dog bowls for travel that will be BPA-free, but be careful if they might not advertise on the product.

3. How huge can the best collapsible dog bowl be?

As usual, you need to make sure that when you buy the best collapsible dog bowls for travel; it’s going to provide your pet with more than just a tipple. Suppose how regularly your pet takes per day to assist you in identifying the dimension of the bowl you want. Keep alert that they can get to drink a lot if you are on the long path.

Other collapsible dog bowls are likely to store approximately 500 ml of water, which is stable if you want to use it for a single long walk, or hike; but for more expandable camping journeys; you need to look for one which can keep closer to the liter.

According to a specific instruction up to dog breeds, we have utilized the dog bowl’s height to offer a particular size classification:

– From 13 cm to 15 cm: Tiny breeds

– From 15 cm to 18 cm: Medium breeds

– From 18 cm to 20 cm: Huge breeds

However, the real volume the bowl might hold is likely to fluctuate significantly regarding the dimension, so keep in mind that you have to ensure to test the capacity.

4. What is the ideal material for the best collapsible dog bowl for travel?

Even though there is no ideal collapsible dog bowl material, silicone equips with the closest to striking the criteria you want for a leading quality dish on the way. It’s a little bit lightweight and versatile, proving it’s the most popular material for the high-quality collapsible bowls; or it’s even super long-lasting, meaning it might not be simply chewed and ripped up by boisterous puppies. Next, that’s even more productive for hygiene and lacks the toxins which plastic bowls offer.

5. Should I need the travel bags and collapsible dog travel bowls for my pooch?

You need dog travel bowls, and even bags for your cute pooch if you get a lot of journeys, or move on longer outings. The pet travel bowls and bags make feeding your pet on the way simpler, and take out the issue of fetching furry friend items. Finally, you can make the most of the best dog travel gear for camping, road trips, and any time you want to travel overseas. 

Wrapping It Up

That finishes the round-up of top best collapsible dog bowls which are collapsible, or otherwise, make it simpler for travelers to feed their pets during they are on the go. Have you attempted any of those ideal travel dog bowl brands with your cute furry friend? Please drop us more feedback below, so we understand which travel dog bowl you and even your pet enjoys.

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